Charles Billingsley

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We spend our lives trying to answer a handful of significant questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I made for? Acclaimed singer/songwriter, pastor, author and worship leader Charles Billingsley insists the answers to life’s most important questions lie in whose we are and what we believe. When we recognize our sole purpose in life is to glorify our Creator, we understand why we were created. Declaring the Truth of the Gospel in every word he sings, Charles proclaims his calling loud and clear on his latest StowTown Records release, I Was Made For This.

Launching his career nearly three decades ago as a lead vocalist for GRAMMY®-nominated genre giants NewSong, Charles has since headlined more than 3,200 concerts, released 23 recordings as a solo artist and garnered seven #1 Inspirational radio hits. He serves as the worship leader for such popular events as Women of Joy, Gridiron Men’s Conference and Celebrators Conference, and is the author of Words on Worship: Devotions of Praise (Worthy Inspired). Additionally, Charles is a teaching pastor at the 8,000- member Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, preaching once a month and also leading worship monthly. And, he’s an adjunct professor at Liberty University’s Center for Music & Worship, a specialized training program he helped found more than a decade ago.

It’s clear that music is, undoubtedly, his calling. However, the singer says everyone was created to worship, and to that end, I Was Made For This walks listeners through four specific themes: why we exist; the reality of sin; the Truth of the Gospel; and worship. “Worship is a lifestyle. That’s always been a cornerstone of my ministry,” Charles shares, referencing Colossians 1. “We exist for the glory of God. We were created by Him to bring Him glory in all things and through all things and with all things.”

Acknowledging our humanity throughout the album’s 12 tracks, Charles says, “Life is tissue paper thin, and we’re one breath away from the end of it all. If we’re not living life the way God intended us to, we’re missing out on what real life is all about,” Charles explains. “God calls us to step out and go for it in a variety of different ways. There’s nothing exciting about just arriving safely at death. We were made for much more than that.

One of the key roles Charles is called to play is that of a husband and father. He and his wife, Shae, have been married for 26 years and they have two boys, Caleb and Cooper.