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The Steeles

The Steeles are finally where they always wanted to be.  Jeff, Sherry and Brad…dad, mom and son…hung around long enough to be where they are and they have never been happier.  The Steeles came to the attention of Gospel Music fans in the late 1980s.  They scored their first charting single during this time with a tune called “I Wanna Go Home.”  Jeff remembers, “We actually recorded a live thing back in the mid-80s when Faith (Hill) was with our group.  Nobody paid much attention,” he laughed.

They continued to have success at radio.  Sherry continues, “We got a call from Dottie Leonard at Daywind Records in 1992; we signed and it just blew up from there.”  God has been good to The Steeles.  They have been on about every major concert, had one of the biggest booking agencies in the business and sold a lot of product.   Jeff wrote a lot of songs both for The Steeles and other groups.  The Steeles won a lot of awards and had incredible success at radio.

Then one day, they really felt the call to go back to the pastorate from which they had originally come.  For the next ten years, they pastored a church in Cullman, AL that experienced the same type of growth that their music ministry had seen.  At the height of that “church” success, The Steeles felt the “call” to return to their ministry of music.  Again they felt the same acceptance as they had before.

Though their discography reads like a Lifetime Achievement Award pre-2006 (when they left the road), it was when they returned that they saw the hand of God revealed in a very powerful way.  In 2012, they had a truly iconic song called “But God!”  Son Brad says, “It’s been eight years and we still close with it every night.  We’ve tried to change it we just can’t!”  In 2018, The Steeles had the Number One Song of the Year with a song co-written by Jeff and Brad called “Prodigals.”  This is where they have really seen the providence of God.  Upon their return to the music ministry, Brad took the job that Sherry and Jeff always thought should have been his anyway.  The Steeles were part of a church plant in Cullman where Jeff is Senior Pastor and Brad is the Worship Pastor.  The church is called Redeeming Grace Church of Cullman, AL.  Once again, the church is growing and is leaving a legacy for the Kingdom of God.  Sherry and Jeff are where they were in the 1980s: pastoring and singing.  Brad, at 26, has now joined the group and, as HE says, “We pastor and see lives changed.  We sing and see lives changed.  Dad is 60 now and if he is slowing down, I don’t see it.”  Jeff adds, “I’ve always said I’d rather burn out than rust out.”

The Steeles have recently signed an exclusive agreement with Stow Town Records.  Wayne Haun with Stow Town has been producing The Steeles for years.  Sherry said, “Wayne has remained a trusted family friend for a long, long time.  He came down to write with Jeff and Brad PLUS have supper, and it was as if we had never left when we got together.”  After all this time, Stow Town is a perfect fit for The Steeles.  They say as one, “We are where we NEED to be.”

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